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Sunday, March 8, 2009

miss her

 Cannaa who is our housemate, have to go back hometown b'coz of finish study here. 
We just sent her to KLIA airport. 
We all will miss you girl :_ ) and hopefully to see u again on next holiday ^^
keep in touch ya.. mmuaahh..

Sunday, September 7, 2008

can you spot them all?

I found two fun images those are quiz for the 100 movies titles and the 72 bands name. Before this, I saw the band picture at Aaron's class before. It is interesting picture.. 

"the 100 movies titles"

"the 72 band names"

for the answers, you can go to this link and find out them ^^

Friday, August 22, 2008



WALL-E is a mobile trash compactor, the last operational unit in a massive line created by the Buy n Large Corporation to gather and compact the waste created by the humans that utilized their products. WALL-E is solar-powered and constantly replaces his worn parts with those scavenged from non-functional WALL-E units. He can retract his limbs and head into his body and form a cube when he senses danger (though he is armed with a laser beam built in between his eyes, which is mainly used for pieces of stubborn material back on Earth). He may also fold into a cube when he is resting. WALL-E's long and lonely existence has granted him sentience and emotion. His loneliness is soon requited via EVE, a probe that comes to Earth searching for signs of plant life. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Today I have watch Wall-E with friends at Alamanda. We all love the wall-e because he's cute, simple, romantic and love to collect something that he likes. When he is doing his activity, he found a plant and he collect it. One day, he falling in love with Eve who comes to earth for searching signs of plant life. And when he invite Eve to come his unique house, he show the plant to Eve and after that Eve recover. Since that, Wall-E panic and try to wake Eve back...
 (to know the continue... you can watch it your self at cinema.)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a new recipe for today

"Babi Gosong"

Barbecue & Grilling

Its a favourite food in Indonesia. It taste smooth and delicious...
Its a recipe from our generation and its still the best until now.

500 gr pork fillet
1 ons ginger-root
1/2 ons saffron
1 gr chili
8 grain garlic
4 grain shallots
100 gr sugar
3 spoons salt soya
5 spoons sweet soya
2 lemons

1. all spices mix and stir.
2. the put the pork fillet to inside and left it 15 minutes.
3. last, roast it until have a good smell.

*Please try and enjoy the "Babi Gosong"

i hate essay

Can u think write an essay for 5000 until 7000 words??
osshh..MyGod... since school, i hate that named "essay" 
that's why I'm taking graphic design course.. it's a reason 'coz  - i hate essay - 

now I've an assignment that's the creative book.
I've to write about middle eastern culture, it's the continue essay from last semester.. 
so, now hopefully i can write it down for 5000 words.. 

Sunday, August 17, 2008

17th Ogos.. luv u, I N D O N E S I A

T o d a y   i s   17  A u g u s t...    I t' s   I n d o n e s i a    b i r t h d a y,   63rd  ^^

I   j u s t   w a n n a   s a y... "H A P P Y    B I R T H D A Y   to  My National-anthem!"

I    L  o v e   U,   I N D O N E S I A*